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I Would Have Said Yes

An Interview with Lisa Simmons

Lisa Simmons knows the difference between life’s candy shop and vitamin shop. Her second child Daniel was diagnosed with Autism when Autism was an obscure diagnosis . . .1 in 10,000 children, compared to 1 in fewer than 70 children today. The bitter diagnosis didn’t taste good, feel good, or make her happy; but in spite of the bitterness, God sustained her, empowered her, and changed her life.

Whether it’s the candy shop or the vitamin shop . . . we must choose to rest in God’s sovereignty to sustain us. He loves us and wants to nourish our souls.

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Interview Questions

  1. When did you notice there was something different about your son Daniel?
  2. Why did you blame yourself for Daniel’s problems?
  3. What did your husband think about your son’s delayed development?
  4. What do you say to mothers who battle “mommy guilt”?
  5. How did you handle challenges because of your son’s intelligence?
  6. How did you overcome the fear that you hadn’t done enough in ensuring Daniel learned new skills?
  7. Were you angry at God for all of the challenges you faced?
  8. What is H.O.P.E., and how do you apply it?
  9. What do you say to people who are struggling to care for someone with special needs?
  10. What is the meaning behind the title of your book I Would Have Said Yes: A Family’s Journey with Autism?
  11. Why is it an honor to struggle with a special needs child?

Let Me Hear from You

If God asked you to take on something life changing, could you? If He called you to live in a way you never expected, would you? Maybe you would have never chosen. Let us help you walk through the doors of truth, hope, and help that will sustain you over a lifetime.

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About Lisa Simmons

Lisa SimmonsLisa is the wife of 35 years to her husband Ron and mother of three and most recently “Grammy” to two grandsons. With a degree in Elementary Education she has taught school, home schooled, and worked with teens with learning disabilities. She and Ron serve on the board of reference for The LifeSavers Foundation. While serving on the boards of Engage Ministries International (a ministry to enrich and encourage positive parenting) and St. Timothy Christian Academy (a school for children on the autism spectrum), Lisa also assists Ron in his role on the board of The Autism Society. Their son Daniel is autistic, giving Lisa real passion for helping families with special needs children.

Lisa has written about her family’s journey with autism in her book, I Would Have Said Yes: A Family’s Journey with Autism. Writing poetry has long been a hobby and, in recent years, writing songs as well. You can find links to her book and songs as well as contact information on her Web site.

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