Shannon Royce

Caring for Families with Hidden Disabilities

An Interview with Shannon Royce

Shannon Royce was pursuing her plan for life. She grew up in a pastor’s home, faithfully attended church, married a fine Christian man, and had two children. Life was polished and full of purpose.

But God’s plan was different than Shannon’s. This became clear when her son was diagnosed with hidden disabilities. In addition, Shannon is a cancer survivor.

These disabling conditions may never be easy, expected, or have an end. But Shannon discovered how God provides a way for us to endure; turning our many sorrows into magnificent avenues of comfort for others and intimacy with Him.

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Interview Questions

  1. Can you explain what “hidden disabilities” means?
  2. How have hidden disabilities affected your family?
  3. What are some of the painful things you experienced?
  4. What has encouraged you, and how can the church be an encouragement to non-typical families?
  5. How can non-typical families help the church understand these needs?
  6. You mention “managing life” verses “having control.” What is the difference and how does it affect our lives?

Let Me Hear from You

Where do we find hope when we encounter such hardships? The comments section is specifically for you; providing the comfort and connection needed when life is rough.

Shannon touched on many issues, some of which you may be struggling with today: Disabilities, crisis, pain, change in life, sorrow, and grief.

Question: What are some of the painful things you experienced?

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Connect with Shannon

Shannon-RoyceShannon Royce serves as President & C.E.O. of You can connect with Shannon on her Web site or on Facebook or on Twitter. Prior to founding Chosen Families, Shannon served in various pro-family organizations as a public policy advocate. She earned her Juris Doctorate from the George Washington University School of Law and is licensed to practice (currently Associate status) in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Shannon and Bill have two teenage sons and live in Falls Church, Virginia. She has been actively involved in Falls Church as an advocate for children with special needs, and she has served on her local Special Education Advisory Committee for 12 years.