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An Interview with Jennifer Shaw

It was an enviable life.

Jennifer Shaw had strong Christian parents, an excellent education, a loving husband, and two adorable girls.

But it changed almost overnight.

A miscarriage that almost took her life, her beloved father’s diagnosis of a terminal disease, and the birth of her non-typical son turned Jennifer’s life into one of suffering, sorrow, and searching.

But her story of also includes a surprising turn as she discovered God’s faithfulness and goodness through her suffering.

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Jennifer offers a depth of understanding for caregivers and those with disabilities, empathy for those who have lost a loved one, and compassion for all who encounter lifechanging circumstances.

An award-winning recording artist, writer, speaker, and worship leader, Jennifer Shaw is also an advocate for those diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and Sensory Processing Disorder, and she stays active with World Vision.

Interview Questions:

  1. What prompted you to write your book, Life Not Typical?
  2. You came back to the Lord, married, and seemed to have a blessed life. Then it all changed. How would you describe the “life before/life after” scenarios, when hardships began to multiply?
  3. What can you say to those who are in deep grief?
  4. While your dad was very ill, you wrote a song to him. How did that come about?
  5. What were some essential passages of Scripture that helped you survive?
  6. As your dad’s life was failing, your son was born—which started another crisis. What was that about?
  7. You spent years searching for some kind of explanation for your son’s differences. How did you experience the day of diagnosis? What were your experiences as you desperately sought some answers for his challenges?
  8. What helped you through the overwhelming feelings after the diagnosis?
  9. How is Toby today?
  10. What final thoughts can you share with those who are in the midst of great struggle?

Let Me Hear from You

Question: Based on the difficult issues Jennifer touches on, what thoughts do you have to share or what needs for support do you have.

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Connect with Jennifer

Jennifer ShawTo contact Jennifer, to listen to her music, to order her book, Life Not Typical or for event bookings, you can connect with her on her Web site.

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