Joe and Cindi Ferrini

Marriage Support for Special Needs Families

An Interview with Joe and Cindi Ferrini

Marriages often struggle with the significant challenges that come with raising a special needs child.

Joe and Cindi Ferrini have been there—and are making it work.

This interview will encourage you in your marriage as Joe and Cindi balance serious topics with much-needed humor. We discuss commitment, good choices, adaptation and acceptance, divorce, dependence on biblical truth, and the importance of a Spirit-filled life.

Your special needs family doesn’t have to erode your marriage. Joe and Cindi are proof that you can make it stronger.

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Interview Questions

  1. What are some common marital challenges when raising a special needs loved one?
  2. How do you manage family time and fun in the midst of trying to cope as individuals and as a couple?
  3. Joe, what advice do you have for fathers or male caregivers?
  4. What are some things couples can do to move forward with success?
  5. What are some key points couples must focus on?
  6. What passages of Scripture do you use to encourage others?
  7. When marriages are struggling—or if there is a divorce—what guidance do you recommend?
  8. How does your relationship with the Lord strengthen your marriage?

Joe and Cindi Ferrini have been married for 33 years and have three grown children and two grandchildren. They speak nationally with Family Life’s “Weekend to Remember,” and they have appeared as guests on Family Life Today and Focus on the Family.

Joe and Cindi host the broadcast, Marriage Matters—a fun and informative five-minute radio spot that airs Monday mornings at 6:05 and 8:05 AM.

Their book, Unexpected Journey: When Special Needs Change Our Course, weaves their story about raising their special needs son as well as caring for their aging parents.

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  • What are some issues for which you would like to have more direction or support?

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